Final webinar | Formbridge | April 8th 2022

The Formbridge project is coming to an end. As a reminder, here are the objectives of the project:

  • to create a reference system for the evaluation of the competences mobilised by the experiences of the Pédagogie de Chantier, in particular the transversal competences, which are recognised as fundamental competences for professional integration, citizenship and the well-being of the individual;
  • to define the learning outcomes of the training pathways of different sectors in relation to the cultural heritage of the territories through the common European language ECVET;
  • encourage and promote collaborative approaches and educational alliances aimed at reducing early school drop-out in their territories.

The webinar of April 8th 2022 will aim to present the results obtained through the various worksites carried out during the project, followed by a round table discussion on the theme “How can integration worksites be an element of remobilisation for young people who are far from the labour market?”, during which actors in the field, public authorities and representatives of the European institutions will give their point of view on the subject.